Fighting the Destruction of Families!

Women Against Registry 

First Annual Conference

July 2017

Theme: Our Families ~ Our Future ~ Our Time 

Conference 2017 videos

  • 17 states were represented at the conference.
  • Admission to this conference was FREE.  There was no conference admission or registration fee. 
  • The dates of the conference were (July 29-30)     
  • Conference was centrally located in St. Louis, MO (Maryland Heights area)
  • The conference was held at a very nice St. Louis hotel.  At the completion of the registration process,  a confirmation email was sent with a link to the hotel website so you could stay at the venue at a reduced room rate if you wished.

  • The hotel provided a shuttle from the airport

  • We provided a shuttle from the train station

  • We had some amazing dynamic speakers including, among others: 
    • Matt Duhamel of Metamora Films to discuss his advocacy work, his new documentary film and other Projects
    • Miriam Aukerman, Michigan ACLU Attorney to update us on the decision from the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and possible SCOTUS review
    • Keynote Speaker
    • Missouri State Representative John McCaherty
    • Professor Kitty Dubin
    • Attorney Janice Bellucci - "I Have a Dream" speech
    • Award winning 'Untouchable' Documentary film
    • Pastor Roger Ray - The Emerging Church - Springfield MO
    • Toastmaster - Mike Woodall
  • There were informative breakout sessions
    • Cause and Effect - Registrant Storytelling Time
    • Life in Civil Commitment
    • How Do I Get Through This - Grieving Families of Registrants
    • L-RIDD - Legal Reform of the Intellectually & Developmentally Delayed
    • Participate in A "Working Workshop" 
  • Art sale: 
    • There was an auction of art pieces and books produced by prisoners, registrants, or family members who donated their works as their contribution to this worthy cause; a cause that is designed to help us all.  

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