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Please Read: Scam Call By Law Enforcement

  • 06 Aug 2021 7:30 AM
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    J (Administrator)

    Hi Vicki, please forgive the length of this, it is just to report what happened to me recently so others can also beware.

    On 8-4-21 around 6:30 pm I got a call from 417-242-1854. They left a voicemail. The caller claimed to be with Greene County Sheriff office and that I needed to call them back asap.

    I called back, they said there was a warrant for my arrest due to my missing a date to supply DNA on July 29. They claimed that a certified letter was sent to me via the US Postal Service and shows signed by me in late June. I told them I knew nothing of the letter nor anything about needing to come in to supply DNA. They said perhaps there was some issue with the mail or someone interfering with my mail. But regardless there was a warrant and he couldn't do anything about it but could contact 'pre trial services' and see about making it so that i could get a bond to avoid having to be jailed immediately. I asked the person to say who they were again as the whole call was hard to hear. He claimed to be Detective Greg Jackson badge 5397. He also asked when the last time I saw "Lisa" - referring to an employee of that county's Sheriff office who processes registrant registrations..

    At one point he put me on hold to 'talk to pre trial service' and during that time my wife called our  local Police dept to see if they could help to verify anything being said on the call. The officer who my wife talked to was very helpful and said she was aware of scam calls going on and felt this likely was a scam call. She said she could not verify for sure that there was no warrant, but wasn't finding anything. She also could not verify that the name the caller gave was legit, though the phone number seemed to possibly be. When the caller came back from on hold, he stated that I would need to remain on the line constantly and come downtown to the sheriff's office immediately. I said I need to pick up my kids from an event to which he replied 'have someone else do it.'
    The local police officer told us to ask the caller if he could speak with her to help verify the situation. When I told the caller that we had reached out to local law enforcement to help verify, the caller became agitated and defensive. When I asked if they could speak with the officer he quickly shut down in a threatening manner saying 'go ahead and talk to them and get arrested' and then hung up. The local police officer believed it to be a scam call, that it was a red flag to have been called after business hrs, and how the whole call was kind of strange. It's disturbing that the caller was trying to get me to drive somewhere... Not sure what the plan was for that.

    Anyway, again just letting you know, and perhaps you've already heard related stories, I just wanted others to be aware as it was a pretty disconcerting experience as the story was halfway believable to a point.  

    feel free to forward the above to anyone internally, though if to any public entity i'd rather my name be left out.  thanks again just wanting others to be aware.
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