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Utah's Lawmakers push for mercy on sex offender registry

18 Feb 2016 2:58 AM | Administrator (Administrator)


Salt Lake City — (KUTV) There is some sympathy on Utah's Capitol Hill for sex offenders.

Some offenders, convicted of only minor crimes, are punished for a decade through the sex offender registry. Wednesday, a group of women spoke up for husbands and sons who are on the registry.

People on the sex offender registry don't usually get much sympathy and that is part of the problem.

"I was convicted of a misdemeanor of lewdness involving a child," said Mike, on the registry.

He said 10 years ago he fell into circumstances and bad judgement. He served his 90 days in jail but says the sex offender registry may have been worse.

"I lost a $100,000 plus job. I can't rent an apartment, can't go to my kids' school performances, can't go to public parks."

Utah has about 7,250 offenders on the sex registry. They must register for 10 years for lesser crimes and for life for more serious crimes.

Wednesday at the Capitol, a few women, all of them with husbands or sons on the registry, said it damages lives.

"Once they find out you are on the registry, you are fired," said a mother.

Vicki's son was caught with child pornography on his computer.

"I am simply saying those who have changed their lives and not re-offended should be able to ask a judge to come off after five years."

Rep. Jack Draxler sponsored bills to allow a judge to reduce time on the registry for a few lesser crimes. Mike agrees the law now is too harsh.


  • 24 Feb 2016 3:13 PM | Administrator (Administrator)
    As one of the Utah women at the State Capital Feb. 17th with the honor of Vicki Henry with us, I fearfully did not share my story. Perhaps I will have other opportunities in the future, when it is a better time for me. I am still in some stages of fear. I do not want to prematurely affect our livelihood, again...if it were to get on the news, with his face and name. However, I will not stop speaking or reaching out. First of all, he is not on the correct Tier on the registry and it is going to take an attorney to help us rectify that mean mistake. It was put there without us knowing. A majority of the U.S Supreme Court decided in 2003, in the case Smith v. Doe, that the requirement to register is not a penalty, but an administrative requirement. This ruling was important because it means that Megan's Law, which was passed in 1996, could be applied to those who committed offenses prior to 1996. (which is our case). A minority of the US Supreme Court recognized that registration is a penalty and therefore should not be applied to those who committed offenses prior to 1996 (ours 1992) because such application is "ex post facto: and in violation of the U.S Constitution. He was released from a year in jail in March of 1993. The NOTICE we received said: "Upon satisfactory completion of your probation and upon application to the court, you may have your plea of guilty or conviction set aside and the charges dismissed; and you may petition for a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon (P.C. 1203.4).All commitment costs and fines were paid in full Sept 9, 1992 and complied to ALL terms and conditions of probation except 200 hours of community service consisting of sharing experiences with others ~ However, this was also done prior to the sentence with Sutter Psychiatry in addition to completion of Psychiatric Evaluation C.D. Program with two specific professional Dr.s of Internal Medicine he also completed. Along with a personal development system of 2.5 hours of testing with another CA professional MFCC Jan. 5, 1992 who documented; "Psychosexually he DOES NOT PRESENT the classical portrait of a pedophile. He is absolutely no threat to the public. It goes on to state: The dynamic which appeared to be present in the Sorensen family is that of inter-familia molest. More specifically, a father step-daughter incest. As Pamela Sorensen became less and less available to Sorensen, due to complications from her automobile accident and subsequent surgeries, her daughter began to emerge and assumed more of the typical functions of the female head of the household. Classic role-reversal and mother-daughter competition for Sorensen's attention was evident." We were willing as a family and fully prepared to get counseling, therapy and whatever available to help our family heal. Unfortunately, we were all separated and never allowed to work things out. We have not seen or made contact with my oldest daughter, and their 5 children for 25 years. Because of the registry. Then March 7, 2014, our only blood daughter of whom we were all a very close family always together for all holidays, birthdays or special occasions was found deceased untimely in her home. Many unanswered, very suspicious issues surrounded her death. All knew of her father on the registry. We were not notified from DCFS taking our grandchildren before we got to her home. We had to quickly find an attorney and fought a horrible 18 month, double jeopardy, custody battle for our grandbabies. They were legally kidnapped. The foster parents worked for DCFS/State and at the last hearing we lost because he was verbally addressed as a Sex Offender. I received a mean text from the foster parents saying that they were adopted and we were not their friends. We have not seen or heard from them since...I was yelled at and accused I had no credibility and I was not a good enough mother. I was verbally abused and we had no grandparent rights at all. When is a person accepted, forgiven and given that second chance? What is rehabilitation for if it is not recognized? Haven't we lost enough? Why do we have to keep paying for something that was a one time mistake 25 years ago? The law tore our family apart, the offense didn't. "One Size Does Not Fit ALL" Things are not always as they seem, yet we, like too many others are thrown into a basket of the real horrible criminals that should pay the price. Each individual circumstance needs to be treated individually. Facts should always be heard and taken into account first.

    I have been happily married to this wonderful man for 38 yrs. How has he been forgiven by his families, myself, hundreds of church members, associates, neighbors and co workers but, not the law? He willingly paid his price and served his time and then some. He still pays, our family pays and life is not the same. It should not be like this. There are people who murder and do not have to register.

    He was even excommunicated from our church yet worked VERY hard to successfully have his blessings returned with full membership back into our church. He is now a loyal, dedicated teacher and High Priest and able to teach and help others through his experiences in life. Yet, we continue to pay fines of $100 every year as he continues to register and no chances of a pardon because of Megan's Law. He is NOT a monster. He is absolutely NO threat of any kind. There should be more attention paid to those who should register and do not.

    In the area of Meagan's Law it is costing millions upon million of dollars, failing thousands of families. For the U.S., the total is $547M. That's over half a billion dollars ~ every year! ~ for something that does not work. There is tremendous amounts of research and experimental data with more and more facts that exist today, that didn't exist two decades ago that can better inform and educate these type of decisions. The media and other organizations need to do an in depth investigation into their false assumptions and false data that has been used to further these laws and to research all that is occurring across the country. The number of rapidly growing advocates across the U.S. is agreeing with each other such as Women Against Registry...It is vital to get these facts out because ALL families of registrants are being hurt and punished more than deserved. WE OPPOSE THE USE OF MISINFORMATION AND THE INFLUENCE THAT SOCIAL HYSTERIA AND POLITICALIZATIONS HAS ON THE CREATION OF THE SEX OFFENSE LAW NATIONALLY.

    These are some of the words I wanted to share to the Legislators or, to anyone who is willing to listen or ask. I hope through WAR somehow my voice will one day, somehow be heard and help make a big difference for the thousands of families who are suffering because of these outdated, self centered, un-researched laws.

    The book "Licensed To Lie", by Sidney Powell, exposes serious corruption in the Department of Justice...this is highly recommended for all to read. This is an alarming wake-up call to every concerned citizen. Senator Hatch read it from cover to cover, and couldn't put it down. He insisted Loretta Lynch read it as it provides truth about the corruption and what is wrong in our Department of Justice. It is a true story of the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power.Its scope reaches from the US Department of Justice to the US Senate to the White House and is a scathing attack on prosecutors, judges, and all those who turn a blind eye to egregious injustices in the aftermath of the Enron collapse.

    The ramifications continue today as this corrupt cabal of former prosecutors now populates powerful political positions. This true story captures the drama of the law, the real human costs and consequences of the corruption of justice, and cautions for ANYONE facing the Department of Justice....

    I wonder, is the purpose of the registry honest? Something to think about...
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